Useful Tips on How to Get rid of Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids are a varicose inflammation of the veins outside and inside the anus. There are two types of disease: acute (internal) and bleeding (external). The inflamed hemorrhoids are swollen and drop out of the anus. Such symptoms are met in people with a cute form. Internal hemorrhoids are determined due to the bleeding from the rectum. Even the slightest strain may cause pain and exsanguination. This can lead to anemia. Therefore, the main question for thousands of people is how to get rid of hemorrhoids.

Main Causes and Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can occur in people with a sedentary lifestyle. Overweight, stress, smoking, physical activity, as well as constipation are stimulators of this disease.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids may be burning, itching and heat in the anus. The main signals of the disease are also severe pain during and after defecation and even bleeding. A patient experiences swelling and redness of the anus and feels uncomfortable while sitting.



How to get rid of hemorrhoids

How to Get rid of Hemorrhoids?

As a rule, doctors prescribe suppositories against hemorrhoids or advise surgery. However, it doesn’t save from the illness forever.  The disease reappears within several years or months. Surgical intervention is used only when the disease is in a severe form and hemorrhoids are similar to the bunch of grapes.

Folk Remedies

As it is impossible to get rid of hemorrhoids forever even with the help of surgery, so it is necessary to find the cause of the disease and begin treatment with folk remedies.

When a person knows that the illness is at the first stage of development, he can drink tea with carrot tops, juice, fresh flowers, horse chestnut, raspberry leaf infusion and decoction of buckthorn. If there is bleeding, it is recommended to take juice from the grass and beet louse, borage and horsetail decoctions, leaves, thorns, and plums.

One can make sit-cold bath with a little bit of potassium permanganate. It should be done twice a day.

A warm bath with herbs combined with herbal medicines. After the bath, a patient can use candles with belladonna or calendula.

It is also needed to make compresses of chamomile seeds and chestnuts infusion. Doctors advise to apply grated carrots or beets, wrapped in cloth.

Make candles from potatoes and honey and leave them for a night in the anus.


Medical Solutions

Each will give you the same advice how to treatment hemorrhoids. First, you need to start to eat correctly (no fat and fried food). Only diet that consists of porridge, boiled meat, fish, fruits and vegetables can help to balance the digestive system. What about laxative medications, try to take mild medicines, preferably tincture and do it before going to bed.  Candles are very helpful for hemorrhoids, as they have both pain soothing and anti-inflammatory effect. They are inserted into the anus. Then a patient has to lie for a while. He might feel a slight burning sensation and discomfort. When the candle melts and is absorbed, he can take a shower. Doctors also recommend washing the anus with cool water after defection in order to prevent the remnants of feces from getting into the sores and causing itching and burning.  Traditional medicine confirms the benefit of cold bath for sick people.

The best way to find an answer to the question how to get rid of hemorrhoids is to visit a specialist who will prescribe medications and instruct about the therapy.