10 Steps to Get rid of Vaginal Odor and Never Suffer from it Again


Every woman has a natural vaginal odor, but when the smell is unpleasant, then the situation turns into a problem and starts to irritate. Unpleasant odor from the vagina – it is really obnoxious problem for any woman.

The main reason for vaginal odor can be a bacterial infection. This infection is caused by milk vaginal discharge. It also may cause a fish smell of the vagina and is often accompanied by irritation and itching. This infection isn’t health-threatening but may cause discomfort to a lady. Sometimes vaginal odor is just annoying. It even can influence the sexual life as a woman might feel ashamed because of this unpleasant smell. However, the question how to get rid of vaginal odor is rather simple to solve.

10 Main Ways to Cope with the Problem

How to get rid of Vaginal Odor

Healthy eating and personal hygiene are the most important factors to get rid of the smell. 

Eat citrus fruits

They are very rich in natural vitamin C - a nutrient that can remove toxins from the body. Another important function of vitamin C is restraining the growth of harmful bacteria by strengthening your immune system. Consuming citrus juices and fruits such as grapes, oranges, sweet lemons, and others, you can neutralize harmful toxins and make yourself less susceptible to various kinds of infections of the urinary tract, as well as reduce the chance of unpleasant vaginal odor.


Eat fresh yogurt

It has properties to reduce vaginal odor, so add this product to your diet to get rid from vaginal smell and keep you vaginal flora in balance.

Add garlic to your diet

This is another excellent natural remedy. Garlic is known for its antifungal and antibacterial properties. Eat a few cloves of garlic. You can add it to salads and soups. You will notice that the vaginal odor will quickly disappear. There is also another way to use garlic – put it inside the vagina for a few hours. Don’t forget to wrap cloves in a clean piece of cloth.

Use tea tree oil

It possesses strong antifungal properties and can easily save you from unpleasant vaginal odor. Dilute oil with water and rinse your vagina with this solution. You can also use soap containing tea tree oil.

Drink plenty of water

An effective natural way to solve this problem is drinking plenty of water. Increasing fluid intake you washes away harmful bacteria from the body naturally and quite effective. Water also removes extra sugar from the body, which is a breeding ground for bacteria and other microorganisms that cause vaginal odor.

Amla, or Emblika medicinal can help to overcome your unpleasant vaginal odor

Emblika (Amla) growing in India is a natural blood purifier and an organic cleaner. It is able to control the problem of leucorrhoea (vaginal discharge). Amla should be eaten raw or in a pickled form.

Personal hygiene of the vagina

Take care of your body and use water to wash genitals at least twice a day. It is recommended to prefer boiled water. Do not rinse. Wash your vagina with soap and clean water with no flavor. Never wear wet pants as fungus and bacteria adore moisture and warmness. It is also necessary to have short-trimmed intimate hair. Some ladies make piercing on genitals. It is a bad idea, as you may have serious problems with health.

Wear cotton panties

Good ventilation is not possible with such fabrics as nylon or polyester. Cotton panties always keep the vagina dry.

Daily pads to mask the odor

When you go somewhere, using the pads every day can help your panties stay clean and dry. These pads can quite effectively help to mask the odor. But they need to be changed regularly.

Change sanitary pads

It is important to change pads several times during menstruation. This is required by the observance of good hygiene in the vagina. Do not use scented tampons, because they can cause irritation of the vagina, and then the itching.

These simple advice can help a woman to cope with the problem how to get rid of vaginal odor even if she cannot take medications and visit a doctor.